Sting Special Price Classic – Borstal Boys The Truth Hurts (Part 1 of 2)

The latest Sting Special Price Classic is

Borstal Boys The Truth Hurts

Starring Damien Drake, Kurt Maddox and Johnny Jenkins, with Johan Volny and Marco

Strict discipline is still being enforced regularly at Rainsford Borstal. No matter how stiff the regime though some of the lads still think they can get away with very questionable behaviour.

One such boy trainee is Gibson (Damien Drake) His recent spate of bad behaviour has caught the eye of his senior officer (Johan Volny)

Not one to be made a fool of he soon has Gibson over his knee whilst sitting on a bunk bed. As his grips hold of the metal bed rails the stinging smacks soon turn young Gibson’s bare backside a burning red.


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Its just the start though as next up will be a dose of the old leather strap, just the thing to turn a wayward like Gibson around. Legs apart and bent over a bench his yelps won’t stop the wicked strap cracking down but behaving better in future just might!







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