Sting Raw: Rudi as the Cyclist in “No Police – Please!” (Including preview video)


No Police – Please!” When the Cyclist (Rudi Vallance) returns to his apartment he spies a delivery of goods outside another flat. Seizing the chance he goes to pinch a bottle of wine temptingly sticking out of the top of the box. Unfortunately it’s just at the same time the owner (Marco) opens the door and he gets caught red handed!


Insisting that the Police are brought in the lad pleads with him not to call them. It’s agreed that the owner of the flat will punish the thieving cyclist himself.


Firstly, the lad is taken straight over the knee, his tight Lycra shorts barely keeping down the sting of the slaps but now they are down and it’s his bare bottom that will be feeling the onslaught!


The muscular young lads well rounded, cycling trained, butt cheeks are turning red and sore! However, now in the wheelbarrow position the spanker can really get going. 


The boy’s bottom is burning and raw as the stinging palm cracks down, one hand then the other. 


Now though to really make sure the boy doesn’t take up a life of petty pilfering the angry tenant strips off his leather belt and orders the delinquent cyclist to keel on a chair.


The thick black belt is going to finish the job nicely; the bands of fire lashing across the lad’s already well spanked bare bottom will leave a lasting effect.

Even with such a perfectly curved bottom sitting in the saddle for the next few days is not going to be easy but it’ll will at least be a painful reminder to behave himself!

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8 Responses to Sting Raw: Rudi as the Cyclist in “No Police – Please!” (Including preview video)

  1. Avatar Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    OMG! Rudi gets a wheelbarrow spanking, that’s a dream answered and a prayer come true!

  2. Avatar Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    As much as I love these two guys, I would like to see some different models. x

    • Sting have recently featured Travis, Dexter, Darren and the new South African lad Riaan recentlyand Luke Radley, Justin, Milo Millis and Jayce Martin just before that, so they are providing variety. Rudi and Marco are two of Sting’s most popular actors, surely you are not saying Sting should stop using them?

    • Avatar Anonymous
      Anonymous says:

      Funny actually I was gonna say sting need some new actors same ones get boring but I knew people at this blog will try to come up with sank just to note Darren and Luke R are not new models and sting do lack on models and as a follower of there work I have to back up that previous comment and just so you know your not the only one who has ask for new models some of they other guys are to “twinkish” too “gay” for my liking and also just because something is popular doesn’t mean people dont get bored over time with the use of certain models I actually haven’t bought any clip with Rudi in or Marco. Personally I can’t see why there is a shortage of models with so many gay or straight porn lads out there.

    • Avatar Anonymous
      Anonymous says:

      I can’t see that Sting have re used their models more than any other site does. As far as I’m concerned they can use Rudi as much as they like, He’s hot. DW.

  3. Avatar Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    I got paddled bare while as old and big as rudi–thru high school—It did not happen often but my dad paddled me thru high school—never in that wheel barrow position–I was one sad bou when i was going over his lap no matter what age or size I was—-Your bare butt feels a paddling as much at 18 as it did at 10 I know what rudi felt in his mind and on his butt

  4. Avatar Bastinado Boy
    Bastinado Boy says:

    I am glad that Rich and Sting chose Rudi, their great and most handsome model, to finally use the classic wheelbarrow spanking position. Oh how I wish Sting had used the wheelbarrow position on their past beauties, including Matt Mills and Paul. Please Sting, continue using this marvelous position. Rudi could use it again!