Sting – No Stars – Just Stripes (Episode 3) Lazy Days


In the latest edition of Sting’s US themed stories, the college Principle has noticed a definite lazy steak creeping in to the student body. Maybe it’s because its summer time and, to quote the famous song, the living is easy. No such nonsense will be tolerated by the intrepid College chief.

First up on his list of defaulters is Lennox (Toby Haines) who has taken to missing classes and wasting his time listening to pop music. 


Summoned to the Principal’s office he is ordered to assume the position for a dose of the paddle. The first whacks crack down till he’s then told to take off his pants. 



Now his bare butt is feeling the burning and biting sting of wood on skin! It’s over but he makes a big mistake in bad mouthing the Principle. 


Seeing that the message hasn’t quite reached home Lennox like a naughty boy is given a good long bare butt spanking, instantly making him regret his ill-chosen words. 


Donaldson (Rudi Vallance) is one of the coaches golden boys but this semester he’s really not trying. The result is a lost game to a rival college. The Principle is none too pleased and drags Donaldson off to ‘have a word’ with the coach, Mr Volny (new Sting lad Johan Volny) Donaldson should have known what to expect as his young coach is really none too pleased with him either. Taken over the coaches’ knee this fit young sports boy raises his exceptionally rounded butt to receive a good spanking

Mr Volny is new to this type of discipline but is determined to make his mark and well he does especially as he’s going to follow up the spanking with his newly issued paddle. 



Now over the gym horse Donaldson is feeling the full weight of the muscular coaches’ right arm, the merciless wooden paddle burning its mark in to the boys perfectly rounded and red raw bare buttocks. 
After this there will be a lot of training to get on with and for sure no more Lazy days!

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