Ask the Lads

Here is a request from SpankLads:


So we’ve been getting a huge amount of e-mails asking us if we have any plans to ever conduct on-camera interviews with the guys who’ve featured in our videos. It’s not something that had occurred to us before, but there seems to be a demand, so we’ve decided to do just that. Don’t say we never listen to all y’all.

Well, we’ve almost decided to do just that. We already know them all, so we wouldn’t know what to ask. So instead, we’d like you to interview them. Ask them anything and everything!

Just e-mail us anything you want to know to, clarifying who the question is for, and we’ll put the questions to each of the lads whenever they’re next doing shoots with us. 

First up will be the last guy through the gate, so to speak, Felix Rayna. For some unknown reason he’s decided that he wants to make the long journey all the way from the arse-end of Scotland to London, to spend the week of his birthday with us at SpankLads HQ. So we figured we’d use him while we have him! And yes, we will be giving him the traditional birthday spanking too, before everyone suggests it!

So if you want to ask Felix anything, fire us your questions before the 23rd of May, and we’ll sit him down (provided he can sit down!), and put your questions to him. 

If this idea works out with Felix, and people would like to see more interviews, then we’ll try and rope all the other guys into doing the same.  

Get your thinking caps on everyone, and ask us anything. None of us are exactly shy, nor are we easily shocked… 

SpankLads. Xxx.


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