Sting: Lights Out Sharpe-ish (Part 2 of 2)

Lights Out Sharpe-ish

(Scene two)

The second boy to find himself in trouble with the Housemaster s Collins (Jirka Mendez).

He too has been causing a ruckus in the senior dorm and as with Phillips has brought his own punishment instrument with him.

Bending over in the Housemaster’s study, pyjama bottoms down, his own flexible and very stingy India rubber sole of the slipper will remind Collins how a senior is expected to behave!


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That and the over the knee bare bottom spanking to follow, although most humiliating for a senior, will reinforce the message too.







CLICK HERE to view Part One with the video preview

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4 years ago

Remember getting close up with Dad’s slipper just like that.