SpankChicosmalos: Double Elite Discipline (Part 1)

SpankChicosmalos: Double Elite Discipline (Part 1)

“Double novelty. Alex and new guy (Erik), and the first double punishment from SpankChicosmalos. Alex and Erik defy the rules of an elite Spanish boarding school. The traditional discipline will be applied on their unprotected butt’s. 14 minutes, HD quality

Novedad Doble. Chico nuevo (Erik), y el primer castigo doble que hacemos. Alex y Erik desafían las reglas de un internado español de élite. La disciplina tradicional se aplicará en sus traseros desprotegidos. 14 minutos, calidad HD

新颖的元素 新演员埃里克及我们的第一段双人惩罚视频. 埃里克及艾力克斯在西班牙的精英寄宿学校里违反了校规, 为此他们不受保护的屁股将会受到传统的惩罚. 视频时长14分钟, 高清制作


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1 year ago

No, señor, no, the home front isn’t nearly pleased with this state of affairs either: as their first report cards show their grades down again since their transfer to this expensive private boarding school precisely to the opposite end, their eerily-to-elders-exposed extremities (‘lewd lazy loutish asinine adolescent ass’ arses) at-once were upended for good, long paternal spankings on the bare, appropriate-attrition-awakening ancestral azote-agitating-administered absolutely-abject-adolescent-arse-agony at-work as-always, and abundant accompanying admonitions on ongoing orbs-ordeal OTK.
It’s the tough love tormenting trouserless teen tails to true tears type of time-honoured thorny tush-torture discipline their fathers, who bonded in the Castilian castle-dominated county’s school-homonymous country club, believe being best to better bumbling brat boys’ behaviour beyond BBs or beneath. Yet both complain differently afterward to the boarding school, from opposite backgrounds.
Erik’s self-made father expected the domain’s decorum to be matched by dignity in dire discipline, the dean dealing in person (no darn deputy) with devilkin descendant’s due divested-derriere-discipline dispensed in private or with cahoots for same sins, as at home, not ‘publicly shamed’ waiting outside or even lectured and licked inside dean’s office in front of schoolmates, not even best buddy Alejandro ‘Alex’, although Sir considers early networking in high society a major bonus justifying the exclusive school’s elevated fees, and adopts at home eerily-exposed exhibition after flogging but(t) objects to such line-up in the same room where other school scoundrels subsequently suffering spanking-sessions shall ‘shamefully’ see son’s scarlet-swatted seat.
Alex’s Alejandro senior, an ancient aristocrat descended from the school’s eponymous grandee founder’s junior son, struggling to keep the ancestral estate firm afloat, protests Alex ‘junior’ is now the first in a long line no longer azote-arse-agonized as always by the monastic order which always ran the boarding school, but(t) runs out of vocational recruits, hence shrunk to a ‘grey eminence’ school board with lay staff in charge of everything executive except major finance. He fears his heir’s horrible loss of values and valour reflects the secularized ‘sinking into a sinful cesspit of Sodom style’.
As Alejandro’s family name and Erik senior’s donations are particularly precious to the school, a deal is struck: the retired last monk dean returns parttime as school chaplain, dispensing daily discipline to ‘premium students’ and weekly confession-consecutive posterior-penitence to all. The Alejandros realize this definitely doubles the devilkins’ divested derriere discipline doses, daily due deserts at school matched on Friday before they return home, so paternal follow-up flailing will switch to the weekend, and staff will be instructed to report on many more ‘Catholic code causes’ for CP, which Alex will no longer have to confess in the parish, but(t) is a new world of pain for heathen sporn Erik, whose father is a sycophantic agnostic hypocrite, whose only moral compass is pennies and prestige, so never educated his knave on other than work ethics.
The bad boy will count himself lucky Alex (and Alejandro Sr.) agree, as their room’s fees are now all paid by the upstart father, to act as informal mentor-mate, who will evidently enjoy learning his aristocratic ‘feudal’ heritage place, at the other end of eerily-exposed-endurance, for he will lecture and lick Erik bare-balls OTK, azote-to-abject-arse-application adults-reserved, only now in the name of friendship and fee-favoured rather than levies-extorting like laying-on the lash, the posh pup’s priceless pious preaching, precise prescripts and pantless-peer-posterior-pink-to-pain-purple-poundings sparing sinner-mate shameful scenes of significantly-severe stranger-school-staffer-sentenced sinner-spanking-sessions.