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Kiwi College 18

Kiwi高中系列 18

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A senior lad, Kirby (Andy Easton) waits outside the Headmaster’s door. He’s used to being there, too much in fact and now it seems zero hour has arrived. A really bad report regarding the boys behaviour awaits inspection on the Headmaster’s desk. Kirby has some explaining to do if he can!

Unimpressed the Headmaster feels the lad needs teaching a lesson. He’s good at representing the college in sports, particularly Rugby but he has recently become very disruptive in class and his academic record is appalling. He needs a caning if only to wake him up


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A bare bottom caning too, one that he much deserves.

After that he can go over the knee for a spanking, humiliating for a big 18 year old to be treated like a first former but he’s had one extra chance too many now. Its time for some stinging discipline to take a hand!




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3 years ago

Always welcome to see Rich spanking

Love the lads slightly tighter shorts improvement over the really baggy ones! He has a nice arse and gives a good reaction

Nice one