Sting: Kiwi College 17 – Part 2

The Headmaster is away with flu and phones in to ask the PE coach if he can stand in for him to deal with an unruly senior boy. Outside the Headmaster’s study sits Bruce Davis (Rick Palmer) Its fair to say he won’t be sitting easily for long, he’s in serious trouble for fighting with the visiting opposition school rugby team captain.

Mr Stone (James Holt) the coach is never pleased with behaviour of that sort from his team and knows he must give this lad a lesson to remember. He’ll be starting with the whippy rattan cane right down to ordering the boy to bare his bottom.


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The caning is to be swiftly followed by a good spanking normally reserved for juniors, however due to his appalling behaviour its fitting that Davis should now be treated like one. He certainly deserves to be!






Rick Palmer plays Davis


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Doctor Caine
Doctor Caine
3 years ago

Rick’s red rounded rump is just the ticket. I hope the attractive new boy master Adam will be getting the same next time round. The rightful king of all instruments is the cane.