Sting: In Bad Taste

In Bad Taste

Some boys tend to be just lazy with their heads always stuck in their phones. George (David Swanson) is no exception. Marco is tired of his do nothing attitude and curtly dispatches him to the kitchen to make a cup of tea. At least he could do that!

This is when it all goes wrong for George, he thinks he can get back at Marco by putting salt in his tea. Its big mistake to take Marco as a fool and his prank rebounds spectacularly.

Marco decide the boy needs a sharp wake up call and uses the nearest implement, the lads flip flops, to lay on a good whacking!



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Finally using these painful rubber stingers on his bare bottom too.






As salt was the subject of the lads misbehaviour it suddenly finds a new use in his disciplining too, Marco intends to get his own back and does so with a little touch of irony along the way.









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Thomas Jones
Thomas Jones
3 years ago

Would salt make it more painful ?

3 years ago
Reply to  Thomas Jones

Salt would most likely make it sting more