Sting: Images from “Slipper Him 9”

Scroll down for a selection of images from the the latest Sting release

Slipper Him 9

starring Finn Harper, Marco and Marco’s Slipper

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Dr van Spanking
1 year ago

O, ye gods of Spankers’ Heaven! WHAT a start to the week this spanky little video was, to be sure! What more could any committed spanker of boys’ bottoms ask for than to wake up and log onto Jock Spank, to find the drop-dead gorgeous, deliciously spankable young Finn laid over the knee, getting his bottom smacked, his beautifully rounded bottom, with Marco’s hard hand?! Except, of course, that is to change places with the lucky, LUCKY Marco!!! As has been observed already, this video represents spanking perfection, with Finn laid across Marco’s knee in close-fitting blue jeans in which all twinkily built young lads look just fab!

I love the idea of Finn having to go and get a shower in the middle of his punishment, giving him time for due reflection on being disciplined and anticipating another thrashing when the shower is over! No doubt thinking about how the smacking would end up being administered across his bare bottom as it always does! I can think of boys who would have made that shower truly last so as to delay the moment of having to report for the second part of a smacking! I think it’s a ritual I shall be introducing with my own naughty boys in the very near future! Thank you for a great idea, Sting!

The shower scene was really thrilling for two reasons. The first being finding out that for the first part of Finn’s spanking, he was wearing black boxer-briefs, my third favourite colour for spankingwear! Secondly, one never really knows what effect a spanking is going to have on a naughty boy’s behaviour and future conduct, but there is no doubt here about the effect that this smacking has had on young Finn’s libido! I’m sure we’ve all noticed that this has happened once or twice before with this deliciously naughty lad, and of course it’s not an unusual reaction in a boy to being spanked! I speak there from long and hard (so to speak!!) experience of the many occasions I found myself laying face-down in my briefs over my guardian’s knee! Uncle Vince could hardly have failed to notice – the skimpy slip briefs that were the fashion in the late 80s could never have concealed a hard cock, especially one as hard as mine used to get during discipline! However, I don’t think Uncle was as interested in the effect of the spankings on my libido, so much as the effects on my bottom and on my character!

It seriously was the cat’s ass to see Finn reporting back to Marco in a pair of nice, clean, bright orange underpants and otherwise completely bare for the rest of his spanking! I wonder if this particular pair of boxer-briefs are a new addition to the contents of Finn’s pants-drawer, as I don’t think we’ve seen him wearing them before. Whatever, they are the perfect length to frame Finn’s deliciously pert bottom for the smacking he deserves!   

The icing on this wonderfully, very spankiest of spanky cakes was Marco administering the slipper across Finn’s very bare bottom! Slippering, especially over-the-knee spanking with the slipper, is a very traditional punishment and a time-honoured method of discipline – the slipper is indeed my own preferred instrument of punishment! Now, I would just like to correct a misapprehension I’ve come across, which is that the slipper is a soft option when compared to the cane, strap or leather belt! This is a very mistaken idea indeed! A severe slippering across a boy’s bottom is a lot more painful than a caning administered across a lad’s bum by somebody who is unskilled in its use – and I speak with feeling, having experienced both, though, admittedly, not so much in the way of incompetently administered canings!

One thing I have always loved about Finn is the mobility of his beautifully youthful face! His expressions while he is being spanked are wonderful, with him looking occasionally as if he is on the verge of tears and about to cry! That has not happened with the lad yet, but there might be a first time, as there has been with other Stinglads, especially in the earlier days – here’s hoping!

Could I conclude by just reiterating my request to see Finn back over the knee for a good smacked bottom in the bum-hugging short grey school-shorts that he wore so successfully for the two canings he received in recent months? Please, Sting – I’m positive it would sell as well as the delight it would give Finn’s fans! 

1 year ago

Oh these extra photos are the icing on the cake! Can you just not start a Finn Harper spanking site, I don’t think we would ever get tired of finding new ways for him to be punished!

1 year ago

Nice legs, nicely-fitting jeans. While Finn has these in his wardrobe, please can we see him wearing them some more?

1 year ago

Finn always a winner. Looking so hot in tight jeans over Marcos knee. Perfect opener
getting spanked over the jeans.
Then Finn appears out of the shower in those tight fitting orange underwear –
breath taking. Seeing Finn spanked in those undewear – perfection. Thanks also for the hot photos with Finn in some great positions.
Have to agree with spankedson – can you just not start a Finn Harper spanking site?

Thanks Sting for featuring Finn maybe a long otk spanking as Dr Van suggests and/or a caning for Finns next visit.