Sting: Discipline Down Under – Smouldering Butts (Part 2)

In Discipline Down Under – Smouldering Butts Part 1 two naughty boys get caught stealing cigarettes
 Now they are in big trouble and it won’t just be the cigarettes which are smouldering …!!
 It will be their well spanked bare bottoms!!
 As the Sports master Mr Bentley teaches them the error of their ways, with a firm hand


Like all PT masters Mr Bently won’t be finished with this punishment till his trusted India rubber gym shoe is brought in to play.
Now bent over together, the well-used flattened sole is burning its message in to both boys’ bare backsides. You’ve tried your luck and pushed to see how far you can go and this is the result, two nicely rounded but now very raw red bare bottoms. No Mr Bently really is no push over.


However far from being a role model for intelligence and good behaviour this young PT master has now got himself in to trouble. As with others before him he gets a stark choice. Its dismissal or being punished in the same way as misbehaving sixth former would be


Not wanting to lose his job Mr Bently settles for an off the record in house punishment. Now he too is over the knee and feeling the hard slap of the Headmaster hand on his own bare bottom.


He yelps his way through this long spanking but now has to face a hard dose of a thick old leather strap! It will be interesting to see how stoic he can be when this lethal leather butt burner collides with his already spanked bare backside, not so much it seems.

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5 Responses to Sting: Discipline Down Under – Smouldering Butts (Part 2)

  1. Could do with regularly applying moisturiser on those cheeks.

  2. this vid is bangin hot. love xander’s hairy legs.

  3. I like hairy legs lol but Xander not for me.

  4. HOT roasted butts all around– NICE!!

  5. Rudi ay nakakakuha sa paligid alot tapos alot for iba pang mga studio.