Sting : Diary Down Under

The latest Sting download is Diary Down Under – staring a cast of new Sting lads


The disciplinary affairs at St Justin’s are busy like any other antipodean college. In this diary of events we start by eaves dropping in the Headmasters office where the deputy Head Mr Haddkiss is tearing a strip off Michael Bishop (New Sting lad Lloyd Adams) He’s been up to no good in the boys changing rooms and now faces a stinging over the knee spanking followed by a searing dose of the gym slipper.

Next to face some summary justice are Millhouse (New Sting lad Patrick Ahern) and Kelly (New Sting lad Toby Haines) caught with illicit drugs in their room. The Headmaster firstly admisters a caning over their tight grey shorts then defenceless bare bottoms. They both yelp, growl and hiss with each stroke. It’s plain to see by the sore and reddening stripes that perhaps this transgression of the rule book was not quite worth it. 

One student, Baxter (new Sting lad Randal Pittman) has been shop lifting. 
He was supposed to be doing a sports work out with Mr Smith (Dexter) the muscular sports master. Thoroughly annoyed at his poor conduct the Head decides to send him back to Mr Smith to be pushined. The young sports master undertakes this duty with relish. Soon his swishy senior boy’s cane is descending across the hapless Baxter’s rounded bare bottom, nicely positioned across the vaulting horse. After laying on a good set of painful stripes Baxter is then ordered across Mr Smith’s knee and receives a hard spanking straight on top of the already scorching stripes of the cane. Mr Smith believes in punishment well taken and after it’s over sends the boy to the locker for some soothing cream. At the end of the day it seems that neither Millhouse nor Kelly have learned their lessons.

Now after upsetting their Head of House an angry Headmaster storms off to the bathroom to deal with the pair of them. Without wasting any time the boys are ordered one after another from the bath. Each with a dripping wet backside receive a good firm hand spanking. The rapid connection of hard palm and hot bathwater causes a very painful friction. The lads curved and protruding backsides soon turn a bright shade of red!

Video trailer to follow…

There is a link to the Sting 18.USC.2257 proof of age declaration in the right hand column of this blog

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10 years ago

Come on sting more pics 🙂

10 years ago

Another great video. Bishop and Baxter are both great addition to the Sting stables. Bishop whimpers and moans beautifully and Baxter has such a beefy but well proportioned behind. I hope to see both of them again soon. And the wet bottomed spanking that ends the video is a very effective touch.

10 years ago

The picture with dexter spanking the lads otk always hot