Comment irritant

I regret that we have been receiving a number of bitchy and unpleasant comments recently.  These all appear to come from the same person who seems to have some issues. We are unable to block the person from commenting without removing the Anonymous poster option which would be unfair to other posters.
Therefore, we would be grateful if visitors would simply ignore any unpleasant or abusive comments left beneath posting, and leave it to Ward or I to remove them as soon as we see them.
I hope this irritant will not affect your enjoyment of the site.
Thanks for your tolerance and cooperation

9 Responses to Comment irritant

  1. Bruce, thanks for all your efforts. I look in most days because you always have the latest news.I’m very appreciative of all you do.

  2. Bruce, you have a great blog. Your efforts are appreciated. Keep up the good work.

  3. Freeddys Back !

  4. I think this is a wonderful blog and Bruce and Ward are dedicated to it which makes it even better constant updates maybe people should realise without jockspank you’d find it a lot harder to find pictures and updates on the net

  5. I would go one better, in that without the work that Bruce and Ward do on this site, it would be very difficult to enjoy pics and trailer/teaser videos freely at all. Both gentlemen seem to have worked an arrangement with the majority of male/male spank video producers, making JockSpank is one of the first places I go to see my favourite activity – spanking of young male butts!

  6. It would take a lot more than one bad apple to ruin my enjoyment of this site. Thank you for everything you do!

  7. Perhaps the person making the obscene comments would like the be spanked OTK !

  8. Avatar Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Where’s this picture from? Superhot!

    • Sorry I have no idea of the origin of the picture, it is one of many hundreds of megabytes of images I collected in in a decade and more of surfing.

      I agree its a sexy image though