Sting: Back Down Under (Part 2)

Back Down Under Part Two

The second part of Sting’s college boy story features new StingLand Jaydee Black. He plays Kelly, a senior, who manages unwisely to get himself dealt with by Mr Sharpe.

Bringing alcohol in to college as every student knows is strictly forbidden. During a recent inspection a bottle of Vodka has been discovered in Kelly’s locker and the boy himself ends up in the Headmaster’s study to explain why its there.

As no proper excuse is forthcoming young Kelly he is sent to Mr Sharpe. A strict teetotaller, Mr Sharpe is not at all amused at this flagrant breach of the rules. The lad needs punishment and that’s just what he’s going to get!


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Doctor Caine
Doctor Caine
4 years ago

Another nice new face and a well rounded red and ruddy rear ended rebel. Welcome Jaydee.