Special Rehearsal : At Bottom Line

Special Rehearsal: Aiden

The school has an upcoming performance that Aiden hasn’t been showing up to rehearsals for, so Hector arranges a special one in detention after school.

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Special Rehearsal: Aiden


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  1. Avatar Fastifex
    Fastifex says:

    While for his Christian classmates, publicly pulling pranks, even if paying for it posterior-pounding-punished pants-on, is a matter of petty puerile pride and prickish-public-pleasing pleasure, only privates-privacy-privation putting the pitiful perception into posterior-punishments, comrades and closest-company quasi-excepted, so that’s what they get with audience and/or publicity when an elder educator loses patience beyond their ‘normal knavery’,
    for Confucian kids like Cantonese Aiden their embarrassment-glowing facial cones are the key to compelling conduct-control, as the countless commands to confront their keepers for corporal corrections cones-coverless consistently crush coyness about canable kids’ cojones, and criss-cross-crimson-cuts-coverage is too common to care covering it coy-like either.
    Unfortunately for Aiden, his old-fashioned father, who ‘canes’ him and his brothers by traditional, personalized punishment-sticks regularly, for any fault and to keep them in their place as soon as no more crimson marks are clearly visible on one of them to his aging eyes, and puts them over the knee even more frequently, often collectively -all on the bare, in front of all male kin- gave them a decree of modesty: the boys are to obey school rules and staff in class, halls and offices unconditionally, as their elders at home, never heard or seen on any other initiative, let alone embarrass or outshine any autochthonous knave, their place being at the bottom of the public pecking order, humble and serviceable to their peers as well as preceptors at all times, so although the only on-Christian in class, Aiden is the only one who literally turns the other cheek when a school bully ear-boxes him for fun, bending-over if ‘promised’ a kick in the pants and happy to take the blame and the beating for anonymous tomfoolery, while all teachers know unlike any classmate, the mere mention at CP of the bare being more receptive suffices to make him drop trou so as to make a better, bare-boyhood-beheld example of eery exposure, while asking if an extra dose would help learning the lesson better makes him volunteer to have his doubled.
    When it became known headmaster Hector would revive the former tradition of an annual public performance in the parish hall for the school’s special expenses fund, planning various repairs and equipment, father forbade his boys to take any public part, merely wanted them volunteering as stagehands. However Hector didn’t hold auditions but had teachers designate each class’s best-suited actors, including Aiden for an Asian part. The venue being out of school and not covered by its rules, the paternal veto was unquestionable, so the knave respectfully refused a part, only to be ordered to attend practice, and after two warnings, the first with regular detention, was up for ‘special detention’, which all knaves know means scarily-serious spanking on the bare, so-far more than enough to make any bare-butt-blistered brat beg for pardon and promise perfect obedience in earnest.
    Aiden however has mixed feelings, apart from his flaming frockless fanny, firstly relieved he isn’t forced to disobey his paternalistic petty-patriarch, who will still flog filial fanny far fiercer than school staffers, as always when he’s home late, doubled at least if he’s been spanked by any ‘foreigner’, a carress compared to the weekend-long woodshed treatment in case of dishonour or disobedience, guaranteed to flog him bare-balls half-way to hell and back from dragon-breath by dragon-cane. Proper puerile piety prescribes his permitted pride is providing the paternalistic preceptors proper pleasures in perfect (pupil-)performance or pitilessly-plentifully purple-paining his perfectly-perilously-presented posterior.
    On the other hand, completely conform the Confucian code of conduct-conditioned clan-customs, a puerile (pupil) pup’s place is parallel to his pupil peers’, yet only he and his brothers systematically suffer the smothering sting of the sadistically-savage severity of spankophile-suiting sonly submission, their schoolmates’ seats stay semi-safe, getting away with far worse behaviour and lots less lashes, while legally they are entitled here to the same status, which he wishes to be enjoyed by his future sons and his brothers’ boys-to-be,
    hence a traitorous hope sneaks in of tasting the same themselves, so finally when classmates share the shower after gym, their abject adolescent arses are not always abundant ‘scarlet-stripes-rubricated’ evidence of being way-worse-whipped-with-whopper-wheals domestically for peccadilloes then any local lads in way-worse trouble, disproving the kids’ common assumption Asians must have ‘dragon scales’ rendering them semi-immune to spanking-sufferance, hence make perfect scapegoats to ‘take for the team’ the blame and the brat-butt-beatings.