Spanking Straight Boys: Karl’s First Spanking – Part 2

Spanking Straight Boys: Karl’s First Spanking – Part 2

This is part 2 of Karl’s First Spanking. In his interview, Karl had admitted to fighting with the police who responded to a citizen’s report of him having sex in the ocean.


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When questioned by Tom, Karl evidenced a complete lack of respect for the police, saying they should be “treated like pigs.” However, it’s Karl that’s squealing and kicking while Tom administers harsh punishment with the belt. Karl squirms, wiggles and writhes about more than any boy Tom has spanked.

In the end, he changes his tune and shows some respect. He’s not fooling Tom, though. Tom knows that Karl is just saying what he wants to hear in order to avoid a longer, harder spanking.

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18. U.S.C. 2257



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K. W. Jones
K. W. Jones
2 years ago

Too bad we don’t have real spankings for mouthy and disrespectful young men as part of the judicial system; Karl would be the first in line…