Spanking Straight Boys: Whose Ass?

Spanking Straight Boys: Whose Ass?

Josh showed up about two weeks late for this spanking. He had to reschedule because he had been spanked in a video for someone else, and the other spanker left some bruises.


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Josh is a good boy. He didn’t just show up with a bruised butt, and he didn’t just not show up. He told Tom about problem and rescheduled his spanking to today. Doing that saved him even harsher punishment, but it is not the end of the matter. Tom spanked Josh first, and he has certainly spanked him more than anyone else ever has.

As far as Tom is concerned, Josh’s ass is, first and foremost, Tom’s. He makes that clear during this spanking. This is a hard spanking. Josh grunts, yells and struggles. He quickly agrees that his ass is, in fact, Tom’s.

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