Spanking Straight Boys: Storming Out

Spanking Straight Boys – “Storming Out”

This is the conclusion of the Spanking that started with the video “Excuses, Excuses.” It was a bad day for young Logan. Tom had decided to punish him for a serious fight he started when he was 18 and playing a high school football game. He attacked the other young man, who was not yet 18, with a football helmet, so it was serious matter. He was prosecuted and briefly went to jail.

Logan, like too many boys, does not want to take responsibility for his actions. He is full of excuses and extenuating circumstances. He could have acknowledged that he was fully responsible for the fight and gotten off with a much shorter spanking. Even if they didn’t believe what they were saying, most boys would relent and tell Tom what they thought he wanted to hear, but not Logan.


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Tom was having none of Logan’s excuses. He continued to lecture Logan and tries to get him to take responsibility for his actions. He uses his hand and a leather slapper to try to bring his point home. Then he switches to a hard session with a hairbrush that completely breaks Logan down. He writhes about wildly, kicking his legs and yelling.



Finally, when he can’t take it any more, Logan hops up, runs off and locks himself in the bathroom to hide his tears. Tom gives him a few minutes to calm down and then summons him back to finish his Spanking. Tom does finally get Logan to acknowledge his misdeeds and apologize.


Logan later told Tom that he deserved this Spanking and that it had done him quite a bit of good. It helped him realize that many of the problems in his life are of his own making. We hope that lesson sticks with him.

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4 years ago

Something about this seems a tab unethical. Particularly because these are not fictitious scenes and the reactions of these guys are very real, showing him running away like that because the pain was too much for him (not everyone can take a hard spanking with a hairbrush) was kind of heartbreaking, and not in a fun punishment narrative kind of way. Who knows what these guys’ lives are like, but we do know they are reluctantly submitting to a filmed spanking because they need the money, this one, in particular, seems to exploit the boy’s emotional vulnerability by making his desperation a selling point to the video’s excitement. I hope this studio keeps this sort of thing in mind going forward.

4 years ago

Thanks for taking the time to thoughtfully reply. I see where you’re coming from.

Tom P
4 years ago
Reply to  Jeff

Hi Jeff – You’re welcome, and thanks for following up.