CP4Men: Joey’s First Spanking

CP4Men: Joey’s first Spanking

Meet Joey-CP4men think he’s Spanking perfection! (I might just agree) Included in this clip is addition free footage of Joey’s expressions. Hope you enjoy!




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Dr van Spanking
4 years ago

You see some severe spankings on CP4men and I’ve always felt it is a great site for those who like to see the beefier sort of boy smacked in white underpants. As my own tastes tend to run to the twinkier type of lad being smacked in coloured underpants, it was a real thrill to open this post and find something that ticks every one of my boxes! First, a very cheeky, youthful-looking lad, then seeing him being laid over the knee; black trousers (LOVE ’em!!) stretched over just the most incredibly pert, cheeky bottom! No wonder the guys at CP4men consider young Joey to be the personification of spanking perfection! If this boy isn’t a cherub twink stepped straight down out of Spankers’ Heaven, then I truly don’t know who is! I do know, though, that the VERY lucky guy smacking the boy’s bottom clearly knows how to lay on a spanking – that is evident from the exquisite pain in Joey’s face as the smacks rain down hard and loud!

The biggest turn-on of all for me was Joey’s trousers coming off to reveal what colour underpants he was wearing! The best pair of spankingwear I’ve seen a CP4men lad wearing and I think one of the most spankable pairs to have been worn in a Jock Spank post! Good tight briefs – real classic briefs at that – multi-coloured and heavily patterned: very much boys’ briefs, appropriate to wear for a boy’s punishment! Joey has fabulous taste in underwear! I can’t help wondering if he chose those briefs on purpose to wear for being disciplined, knowing he was going to be filmed laying over the knee in them!

And of course, when the lad’s pants are taken down – WELL! If that phenomenally pert, deliciously hairless bottom wasn’t just moulded by the gods to be smacked!!! I am amazed that, with a bottom like that Joey has never had a spanking before! I hope we’re going to see more of him and I look forward to some further glimpses into the contents of what I am imagining is a very spankably stocked pants-drawer! Joey looks like a naughty boy who is seriously in need of the discipline that is being laid on in this fantastic little boner-maker of a video! And let’s face it, a bottom as smackably shaped and clad as Joey’s should be spanked hard on a daily basis!!!

Six of the best boxes ticked:

Cheeky twinky boy /
Laid over the knee /
Black jeans /
Coloured underpants /
Pert, hairless buttocks /
Pained facial expressions /

4 years ago

This model is a great find and has excellent potential.
I hope he is a frequent performer for CP4Men.
Wow, he has been blessed or maybe more like cursed with a glamorous gluteal region.