CP4Men: “I Spanked the Waiter” – Featuring Kevin Jade

CP4Men: “I Spanked the Waiter” – Featuring Kevin Jade

J.B is not happy! He’s being waiting for his lunch far too long only to discover that the waiter is fast asleep in the kitchen! He decided to take matters into his own hands and give the lad a good spanking !


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Dr van Spanking
4 years ago

WOW!!! I think this is the best thing CP4Men have produced since we saw young Joey spanked in his heavily patterned and very boyish briefs some months ago! Partly, I guess, because we already know Kevin well as the fabulously smackable Dominic from BBFC and I just can’t get enough of seeing him getting his bottom smacked!

This is another serious turn-on of a clip! I like seeing a boy more formally and smartly dressed (on any occasion, not just when he is getting a spanking!) and the combination of a nicely laundered white shirt and close-fitting black trousers will always be a winner for me! When the trouser-down moment comes, I am always a bit on edge thinking “I wonder what colour underpants he’s wearing?” – feeling deep disappointment that usually stops me wanting to watch any further if he is wearing white passion-killers and an equally great elation if he is wearing coloured pants! There’s also part of me that recalls a 19th Century clergyman, who, when his wife served him with a fruit-pie for pudding, would say the following little grace “Blackberry I hope; gooseberry I fear; apple I think.” Similarly I always send up a little grace at the start of the smacking-on-underpants part of a clip to the gods of Spankers’ Heaven: “Briefs I hope; boxer-shorts I fear; boxer-briefs I think!” I am never disappointed with the third alternative provided they are not too long and in this clip, Kevin’s boxers are just the perfect length to frame his bottom for discipline! Nice and short, as they should be – and in fairness to Kevin, his always have been.

I have seen Kevin bent over for punishment in different positions now and I still love watching him laid over the knee best of all! It bends him at just the right angle to form a very favourable posture for smacking him and, helped by the black trousers and the spankably short coloured briefs, brings out with super-sexiness the cheekiness of his pert, cheeky little bottom!

This is a good hard spanking laid on with severe thoroughness by JB, who clearly knows his job, as we can see reflected in the pained expressions in young Kevin’s youthful and very mobile face. It is great to see another expert spanker take him in hand for discipline and makes it twice in one week. WHAT A TREAT!!!