Spanking Straight Boys: Mace on The Spanking Bench

Spanking Straight Boys: Mace on The Spanking Bench

Mace is a muscular, masculine 20-year-old straight boy. He felt the sting of his first spanking for quite a while after it ended. Tom wasn’t sure if he’d see him again, but, here he is!

Mace’s first spanking addressed his reckless speeding. Today’s spanking addresses his underage drinking. Luckily, he did not combine the two. Mace says he has never driven drunk, and Tom believes him. However, that still leaves the underage drinking to address.


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Tom straps Mace to the spanking bench and spanks him with a birch, a tawse, a paddle, a flog, a wooden spoon and a leather strap. Mace keenly feels the sting of all of these implements. The story of the punishment registering with him is told by the expressions on his face as this spanking continues. At the end he gets some corner time.

It can’t be easy for a tough, masculine young man to take a spanking like this. It must be humiliating. To his credit, Mace not only takes this spanking, but also says he deserves it.

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