Spanking Straight Boys: Kirk’s First Spanking (Part 2)

Spanking Straight Boys: Kirk’s first Spanking (Part 2)

Kirk’s surprise spanking continues as Tom steps up the intensity. Kirk gasps, groans and whimpers as Tom uses his hand and a leather belt on him.


Since he hadn’t listened or paid attention, Kirk had no idea that a spanking was even possible at this shoot. In fact, he didn’t even know spanking videos exist.


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Tom doesn’t learn that Kirk hadn’t expected to be spanked until he asks Kirk some questions at the end of this video. Kirk must be a go-with-the-flow kind of guy. To show up for a shoot only expecting to jerk off on camera and then end up over a man’s knee, without raising any objection, defies belief.



But that is exactly what happened here. In the the brief interview at the end of this video (a snippet from which appears in the trailer below) you can see for yourself.



Video Preview

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4 years ago

why why why why do people get tattoos?

4 years ago

The tattoos are odd, but I love the “go along with anything” attitude.

Hopefully we’ll get to see some limits really being pushed.