Spanking Straight Boys: Hang Him High

Spanking Straight Boys: Hang Him High

Carter is a 23-year-old college boy with a lean, defined body that looks fantastic from head to toe. Today, Tom suspends Carter in a sling for a hard spanking.


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Tom uses his hand, a leather slapper, leather strap, birch, plastic shoehorn and a belt on Carter’s tight, pale butt.

The sling puts Carter in a wonderful position. He’s helpless and completely exposed, ready for Tom to use him in any way Tom pleases. Carter leaves with a red, sore butt.

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6 Responses to Spanking Straight Boys: Hang Him High

  1. I mean no hate but this position is very impractical to have a model in for the very reason that you simply cannot spank someone in this way the straps to hold the model up cover most of his arse. I like erotic positions but also they need to be implemented in a way that one can still access the target. I hope you understand I am just speaking from a logical POV.

  2. Very hot vid and Carter looks great naked!

  3. Carter always looks good and should be featured more often.

    Have to agree with LK very impractical position – this video just does not work for me. Seems a wasted opportunity. Carter looks amazing in Sports Gear/ Casual Gear/ Suit/ can we have more of these? Seeing Carter slowly stripped down is always a plus – bent over or otk.
    Just one opinion but if there could be less of the restraint videos and more Athletic Gear Suits Casual Gear and definitely more Carter……

    • I always feel very off when I see a model be restrained in a spanking video it makes me really uncomfortable but that is simply because of the abuse I see from D4B so restraining a model for any type of spanking is just not something I look to see of course Tom’s work is nothing lie that at all but its almost like something you cannot unsee plus what is great about not having the restrains is that if the model moves you get to add a few extra “fun” smacks. 🙂

  4. The crowd seems split on this one. Personally I love it. Carter looks great and so vulnerable, it is very hot. Spanking Straight Boys is to be applauded for trying different things. Like most spanking fans my favourite scenario is a naked OTK spanking. But there is only so many times a studio can film the same scene with a different cast. As they say, variety is the spice of life!