Spanking Straight Boys: Dex Upside Down

Spanking Straight Boys: Dex Upside Down

Dex, a 22-year-old straight military boy, is back for what will prove to be his hardest spanking yet. At the end, he tells Tom he’d rather go through any of the spankings he’s already received rather than do this one over.

This video opens with Dex sitting on the floor in a pair of tighty whities and leather ankle suspension cuffs.

Tom locks Dex’s feet to a steel spreader bar attached to an industrial hoist and lifts him into the air upside down.


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He then spanks Dex’s firm, incredibly round butt by hand and with a yardstick, wooden spoon, leather belt and a flog.

Dex is a quiet guy. His reactions to the spankings Tom has given him have always been muted. Dex can’t conceal his reactions to this spanking as well. He struggles as swings about. Tears well up in his eyes. He is much more verbal than he has ever been .




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