Spanking Straight Boys: Cooper Breaks Down

Spanking Straight Boys: Cooper Breaks Down

Cooper is a 19-year-old straight boy with a beautiful face, blond hair and a big, round butt. Cooper has been coming to his shoots in a nice little white compact car. He got the car from a friend’s mother in exchange for having sex with her. Yes, that’s right, Cooper is buy-sexual. If you buy him something, he might sleep with you!

It was a reliable, fuel-efficient car. Cooper says he sold the car, but Tom seems to remember Cooper saying he borrowed money on it and lost it when he didn’t make the payments on time. Either way, that car was gone, so Cooper had to buy another one. He bought one a few days before this shoot. The car broke down on the long drive, and Tom was out in the wee hours of the morning helping Cooper to get the car running again.


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Tom intends to teach Cooper a lesson about relying on a used car that he just bought to drive hundreds of miles to a shoot. The car was completely untested, and it had issues. Cooper should have stuck with the little white car he had hardly worked (but worked hard) to get.

This is a harsh spanking. Tom uses his hand, two leather slappers, a leather belt and the rubber paddle known as “the reminder” on Cooper’s round young butt. This drives Cooper to tears. He struggles, yells, sniffles and gasps.

His eyes are red and he is very subdued at the end of this spanking. After the cameras were off, Cooper asked Tom if this was the hardest spanking he had ever given. Tom told him no, it wasn’t.

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15 days ago

wonderful video. ! i have question for you. do most boys call you sir even when not on camera ?

8 days ago
Reply to  raheem

Thank you! Some do. I think some address anyone older than them as “sir.” However, some learn it at the end of my paddle, and they often have keep saying it after the cameras are off.

Last edited 8 days ago by Tom