Spanking Straight Boys: Carter’s First Spanking (Part 2)

Spanking Straight Boys: Carter’s First Spanking (Part 2)

Carter is a 21 year old straight college boy with a 3.9 GPA. This video is the second half of his first spanking.

In part one, Carter made the mistake of telling Tom that he drove 130 MPH. The patrolman who pulled him over wrote the ticket for 99 MPH, which saved Carter a trip to jail. He already paid a price for that in the first part of this spanking video, but not enough for driving so recklessly.


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Now Tom gives him 130 by hand. It’s enough to make him tell Tom he’ll never speed again. Tom doesn’t believe that for a moment.




Video Preview

You can view Part One of Carter’s first spanking HERE

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3 years ago

The way he holds onto your knee with one hand is downright precious.

2 years ago
Reply to  J

Hi J – Yes, I liked that, too. Adam latched on harder than anyone (my whole thigh). Thanks! Tom