Spanking Proof – At Bottom Line

Spanking Proof

Hector has come to punish Aiden because the lad has once again failed to complete homework from tutoring. Meanwhile, Aiden has been communicating with some spanking fans online who want him to record the spanking he receives.


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Spanking Proof


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  1. Avatar Fastifex
    Fastifex says:

    As only ethnic-Chinese member of a virtual study group for honour students exclusively selected from deans’ lists for an international elite summer camp determining who gets an all-in scholarship to which Ivy League college, Aiden gets many questions about his family’s Confucian culture, especially in educational context. The likes-number goes tenfold after he mentions BA CP, which most others -from privileged Anglo-Saxon families- assumed just a Dickensian echo of the brutish past they call outdated rearing-barbary, but(t) pious puerile preppie Ping-clan puppy Aiden defends his Confucian heritage, posting records of red books justifying red rears by record-rising grades, plus loads of pictures of him and kin getting it gruesomely good, glowing globes, and even agrees to install cameras so they can learn the Confucian time-honoured techniques of teaching trouserless-trembling teens totally tractability through tearfully tender-tanning their tails time and time again to their teachers’ tough taste for totalitarian tush-terror.
    For most of his virtual pen-mates, it became a daily delight to degust the derriere discipline diary-posts of the dejectedly-dick-dangling defrocked dude’s dermis-damning due deserts, as Aiden’s father, big brother, uncles and patriarchal grandfather as well as his college mentor Hector all as happily joined for no other purpose then watching each-others spanking exploits on the ‘naughty’ knave’s naked nates -cause for rivalry in rigidity- as they agreed to have his hidings filmed for it, in the patriarch’s case later even his currish kin-knaves’ countless clothless-cones-comeuppances.
    Inevitably, as this cuts into study time, at-times about as deep as in always-anal-area-agony-available Aiden’s absolutely-abject Asian-adolescent arse, it was a matter of time for some of their fathers to find out what their heirs were wasting time on, resulting in a few cancelling the study group membership (not the summer camp), till one actually took a good look for himself, called Hector to confirm the smashing study results effect of eerily-exposed extremities-endurances, and invited all their fathers to start their own study group -joined by half- on how to help their humble-hound heirs to higher scores by hard-handed helplessly-heightened-heinie-hidings, happily counseled by Hector and the Chinese spankers, several agreeing to install their own cameras to contribute to an educational video-library for the inter-prepschool-parents puerile-posterior-punishment-propagation-program, planning to prospect possible participants to put-in punitive practices from all origins, like a Scottish tawse or a Caribbean tamarind-switch.
    After graduation with honours, Aiden and several study-mates will eagerly enter their academically-gifted sons, and by then athletically-gifted boys in a complementary prep-to-varsity-sports-coaching ‘Chinese’ CP-section, while it becomes standard for these evidently-excelling, eerily-exposure-endurance-experienced students, who rarely join frat-life as that wastes study time, to volunteer for free in frat spanking boots at ‘Greek’ events, raising extra allowance cash and notoriety for serious scholarship schemes set-up with generous donations from the alumni, including their soundly-spanked-and-spanking sires.
    Aiden’s clan gets honoured as these are styled ‘Ping-patrimony perfectionist posterior pink-to-pain-purple-paining-procedure performance punishment-stick-paddling posts’, hence it also proudly pays the props and volunteers all its knaves until graduation or fist fulltime job, the poor preppies even at plenty of places, to be pointleslsy purple-pained at the prickish public’s pittance-paid pleasure, as ‘petty price for pride and prodded privilege’.
    It’s the perfect promotion for pitiless posterior-punishment-produced progress, plentifully pleasing a predatory public perfectly prepared to pay a parallel petty price for the pleasure of purple-paining piously-perilously-pantless-presented Ping-preppie-puppy-posteriors.