Spanking East Europe Boys (Part 1 if 2)

The first three of six video clips from regular contributor East Europe Boys at

Spanking Boys Video

Training: David Lin (Part 3)

David is punished with the leather strap and a hand spanking with his legs in the air, on the buttock and on his sensitive anus. His flaming ass paints a picture of the agony gripping his body.



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College: Casey Flip (Full Version)

A new student is welcomed into the Master’s house. The Master considers Casey has too many tattoos and decides to give him a good welcome lesson immediately. Casey Flip is nervous and frightened, but silently resigned to his fate, and so he submits meekly to his first punishment with this master, with vigorous and painful spanking with two different leather straps and by hand over master’s knee.

Then Casey is punished with the leather strap and a hand spanking with his legs in the air on the buttock, on the thighs, and on his sensitive anus. Subsequently, the master sends him to collect a wooden hairbrush. After this Casey continues to submit to his punishment, receiving a hard spanking with a wooden hairbrush, over the master’s knee, putting a strain on his endurance level. This is followed, at the turn of a card, by a good hand spanking on the butt and on the thighs







Amateur: Casey Flip (Full Version)

Casey Flip has never had rules, he has led a life as a rebel boy so far, and the master wants him to start respecting the rules, and starting with the respect of a good punishment, because it’s a good lesson for life. He has only a vague idea of what a severe punishment is, but the Master intends to domesticate him properly in the ability to suffer in the future every good and severe punishment that he deserves.

Let’s begin to punish him severely with a wood paddle and a hand spanking, the boy asks to receive them less hard, and tries to rebel, but is put back to obey and complete the punishment as it should be. Then the master continues with a painful straps, and with a good and vigorous spankings by hand, on the butt and on the thighs in different positions. At the end Casey knows what it means to receive a good punishment.






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4 years ago

Never paddled this bad for sure—but back in Us in small town football in 1960’s we did get paddled bare by coach and it sure hurt on our bare butts as well as any guy in locker room could see—–No one questioned his right to paddle bare a small town coach was like a little god—a vengfleul one! Do other small town boys recall similar?