Spanking College Boys : Dominik’s Shower

Dominik Vlig Shower

Dominik is supposed to be taking a quick shower, but it seems he is instead taking much longer than needed. The master has been waiting on Dominik to finish showering and after a while goes looking for him and finds him still naked more interested in masturbating than showering. The angry master draws out his belt from his trouser and tells Dominik that he has earned himself a severe punishment for this. The belt hurts a lot more than he expected and after taking the first few swats while naked and wet he tries to ask the master if he can dry himself before continuing his just and well-deserved punishment. Dominik is flogged hard with the belt and severely spanked by hand; his ordeal continues with the master for good measure continuing his punishment with a brush interspersed with more hand spankings, all this really tested the stamina of the young man.



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