Spanking Boys Videos (Part 1 of 2)

Kevin Jade (Part 2)

The master has fun with the new and playful boy, sends him to take the deck of playing cards, and explains the rules for determining a good spanking with the use of playing cards. Then for a more painful spanking, the master takes his slipper and Kevin all naked and with his lean sportsman body on full display he drapes himself over the master’s knees and the master proceeds to give him a second taste of spanking and with the luck of his draw from choosing a playing card he also gets himself a vigorous hand spanking.



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Marco Topaz (Part 4)
Marko’s submits himself still his first ever training punishment and silently resigned to his fate, and so he continues to submit meekly to his well deserved punishment, this time in the uncomfortable and humiliating wheelbarrow spanking position. Master is spanking him with a leather strap in full force, on his ass, then at the turn of a card, by a good hand spanking. Now Marko knows what it means to receive a good punishment when he deserves it.






From Spanking Boys Video

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Lucas So and Michal
A soldier is taken as a prisoner and subjected to a ‘ferocious punishment’, first he is caned, then spanked and as is often the case with the ‘Spanking Army Boys’ his cock and balls also do not escape punishment. Then subsequently, the other soldier too is captured and subjected to a severe punishment, he is stripped from the waist down and while on his knees he is beaten with a riding crop soundly. His punishment continues with some cock and ball punishment

WARNING this video is harsher that most which appear on JockSpank





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3 years ago

Lucas So and Michal is fantastic!! Really enjoyed watching this with the different implements both of which look like the hurt badly. Well done!