Amateur Spanking Boys : Anton Azuro va

Amateur Spanking Boys: Anton Azuro

Anton must have done something particularly nasty this time because Master looks very determined to make the French youngster suffer for it. As a first tool, Master picks a large wooden spoon and Anton is heavily and mercilessly spanked with it, first on his boxer shorts, then on his bare buttocks, before receiving a good dose of hand spanking.


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Warning this video features a harsh spanking



A randomly drawn playing card will determine the quantity of hits left to get but not the method – and Anton chooses to keep being spanked with the stiff spoon and a bruised ass. After Anton is stripped down naked, he picks the painful wooden hairbrush: Master is visibly happy to use it with determination on this strong guy, stiffening his butt properly and mercilessly. Anton is also dutifully spanked by hand on his beautifully red butt cheeks and sensitive exposed asshole.

Before proceeding further, Master teases the poor boy’s balls with a small nine-tailed leather whip, before another rigorous yet tantalizing spanking session, administered with both a leather paddle and Master’s firm hand, targeting his buttocks, thighs, and even his asshole. Despite Anton’s pleas for mercy, Master remains steadfast: the boy’s balls are thoroughly disciplined.

Following that, the boy receives spanks both with a wooden paddle and by hand on his buttocks and thighs, with additional punishment administered on his asshole.


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  1. Avatar Bastinado Boy
    Bastinado Boy says:

    Fabulous video! Master does not hold back! Wonderful pain expressions! Bruised buttocks! I hope that Anton comes back for more! Handsome lad! This video reminds me of the unforgettable wonderful spankings and subsequent bruisings that master would sometimes give to Christian’s heavenly butt!