Spanking Boys – Rowan

18 year old Ryan a mixed race lad from the UK one of the Januarty updates at Spanking Boys. NOTE: Despite Rowans extremely youthful looks, I have verified that he is 18 years old and that proof of age is on file at Spanking Boys.

This is what the site has to say about Rowan:

Rowan is my most favourite encounter to date. Mixed race, just turned 18, cute as hell, and a first timer with a man. I encountered him working in a newsagent when I was on a trip to Manchester in England. I bought a newspaper and fixed his gaze for a moment. Perhaps unconsciously, Rowan touched the inner-thigh of his cotton grey track pants sensing sexual tension in those split seconds, I was sure then a deal beckoned if I could find the right words in those crucial moments. The next day I was pulling those same pants down, squeezing his hot brown bum and pulling his enormous young cock. I poked his asshole while he showered, turning around he revealed a huge erection – I knew then this boy liked ass play. Later he was begging me to fuck him, but not before I spanked his luscious teenage bubble butt, moaning with secret pleasure with every stroke to his young ass.


2 Responses to Spanking Boys – Rowan

  1. Wow! Rowan is super-cute and he has a great ass!

  2. Avatar sukemnsee
    sukemnsee says:

    I just love the way a momentary glance ended up in such a hot session.