Spanking Boys EU Part 2 of 2: Lukas Liz (Caning + Riding Crop)

Lukas Liz (Caning + Riding Crop)

Before going to work, Lukas reports to the master to undergo a good punishment. After first stripping naked in front of his master, Lukas is severely punished with the cane. Subsequently he is spanked with a heavy hand while lying on the bed, while the master pulls his ear. Then the master continues to punish his guy with a riding crop, followed by another vigorous and painful spanking by hand all while lying on the bed, while the master pulls his ear. After the punishment, Lukas thanks his master and gets to go to work.



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1 year ago

Lucas is always good to watch. Very spankable behind and hot that a young dad still comes for spanking (I guess it must be the money?).

1 year ago

Damn ouch. Much really need money. Hear those slap. Much sting like a son of b*t*t. That sexy ass is going to have marks on it. Give the boy something to he will be able to sit down. Pillow or something