Spanking at East Europe Boys

Robi Dane (Full Version)

Robi is a new 19-year-old straight student, and is already in need of a good punishment, the thought of this galvanizes the master into action. Taking hold of Robi by his long hair the master drags Robi along while he retrieves a wooden spoon from the kitchen to be used as the first tool to punish him with. All this makes Robi all the while imagines the pain he will soon have to endure. Stripped and lying over the master’s knees, Robi is then severely spanked with the wooden spoon and by hand. It appears though that wooden spoon may be the least of his worries because after this he is also punished with further hand spankings, a leather paddle, a leather strap and a tawse, while in the uncomfortable wheelbarrow position and lying over his knees .



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Doctor Caine
Doctor Caine
2 years ago

Robi, Kiran, etc. is certainly the face about town now with a nice pale rounded rump.

Bastinado Boy
Bastinado Boy
2 years ago

Just like long time East Europe stars King Michal and Prince Lukas Liz, (the East Europe model with the royal butt,) Robi Dane and Robert Mills become East Europe regulars! Both models are beyond smoking hot and have gorgeous bodies. I see a great, long future for both at this terrific spanking videos studio. They will both sell many videos! Robi has made a fantastic wheelbarrow video. Now it’s Robert Mills’ time for his wheelbarrow!