Spanking Army Boys – 0229 army – Mike Rottman

0229 army – Mike Rottman

Private Mike has been summoned to the non-commissioned officers’ club, and is respectfully waiting to start his disciplinary correction. The marshal, who is off duty but always ready for urgent disciplinary action, has come to the club on purpose. The soldier endures a severe and agonizing whipping with a long, thin horse whip, compelled to stand naked with hands behind his head and legs apart.

This is followed by very heavy, dutiful hand spankings. With the flogging intensifying, the recruit’s ass becomes bright red; a pinch of humiliation is added when a series of hand spanks is cast, while marshal holds the soldier by the balls. The Marshal grasps a formidable leather whip, delivering powerful strikes upon the soldier with unwavering vigour. Following this, the soldier endures an equally agonizing hand spanking, targeting not only his already sore buttocks but also the sensitive area at their centre.


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The punishment persists as the non-commissioned officer wields a leather belt with intense satisfaction upon the soldier’s already tested buttocks. This is followed, of course, by excruciating and relentless hand spankings upon both his buttocks and his anus. Due to an unlucky draw of a card, the soldier endures a further flogging of over a hundred strokes with the belt. Despite his utmost effort to maintain his dignity as a resilient man until the bitter end, the soldier succumbs to exhaustion.



The Marshal departs happy with his work, leaving the soldier naked and at attention, his crimson and sore posterior serving as a testament to the good punishment received. For other non-commissioned officers who may enter the club, the soldier remains as a trophy, an emblem of discipline and endurance.

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