Rent Day – At Bottom Line

Rent Day: Pay Up

Rent is due and Aiden and Luke are short for the second time in two months. Max agrees to cover their share but with a special kind of interest added on..


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Rent Day: Pay Up


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1 year ago

Inflation, with prices and fees going up and up, is the last thing on steadily-spankable silver spoon student squirt Max’s mutt mind, much more when his abject arse will by upended again, at home and here, for his family-firm-ruling, frightfully-firmly-filial-fanny-flailing father foots all school-related bills no questions asked, and arranged for this loft with rent split three-ways, but(t) actually awarded his all-AAs-roommates tutoring allowances covering (well, rounded-down) their initial rent shares, in exchange for each mentoring half of ‘struggling student’ Max’s steadily-slipping school subjects, with permission, nay firm recommendation, to ‘home-style’ motivate the mutt by merciless meekly-mounted-male-mounds-martyring, so he spends as much miserable time over their knees hand-spanked here as at home for lectures and lessons, and the lash is laid on as lavishly licking his lowly-lout-lower-limbs lividly, liberally for bad tests -from his tutors- and -even worse- actual grades below A.
So much feels fairly fair and for his own good, his grades are up too enough to probably pass, but(t) he hotly hates the humiliating homely chores deal: when Max’s grades are above average (nearly never), the tutors share his chores, otherwise (nearly always) he alone does all chores, and the triumphant tutors are allowed to enforce it eerily exposed ad lib, which means Aiden frequently has haphazard humblehound Max howling hard-handedly hiney-hided and he-hood-heeded hands-on-head afterwards, even makes him clean naked and ‘fair game’ to slap or kick or pinch his privacy-private-private-parts at pricksh, paternalistic-parallel preceptorial pleasure.
So when raised rent rapidly exceeds the practically-penniless poor-born scholarship squirts’ scarcely-stretching student grant budget, he’s hellishly happy to pick up the bill from his royal allowance in exchange for an opportunity to turn the tables and tender-tan the tormentor-tutors’ trouserless tushes ‘tabled’ too.
Max could have went for a long-term deal sparing his seat and theirs, but(t) will now enjoy his vicious vengeance only once and soon regret it bitterly, for Aiden already concocted a way out, which Max’s businessman father will approve amused as exemplary entrepreneurship: to raise the rent-rises, he and Luke may literally sell tickets to fancy-frat-friends for Max’s mean-mentors-metout-meekly-mounted-mounds-misery, people winning bets on his poor results will avidly attend and applaud his absolutely-abject-attire-abandoned-asinine-arse-agony and after F-following fanny-flogging pass him over for naked OTK rides, at least as embarrassing as having to bare, bend and be butt-beaten bountifully at home, were everyone is or was soundly spankable at least all their youth, while here non-Confucian frat-friends pay pretty pennies precisely because such sexy stripping and spanking show is special and fascinating to fellows from non-spanking families, hence they’ll talk about it all over campus.
Aiden already plans to sell pricey pictures and even videos as soon as he can come up with convincing charitable causes for Max’s father to approve, such as starting a scholarship fund for Ukrainian war refugee knaves. Thus, pecuniary-painful price inflation results in posterior-painful CP inflation, with abject arses going up like prices, only arse-agony-affliction-attributes coming down.