Spanking Army Boys: 0228 Army – Mickey

0228 Army – Mickey
At the NCO’s club, young recruits are available for their superiors’ moments of leisure. Today, Mickey is also serving the individual wishes of a non-commissioned officer who’s decided to give the young man a good disciplinary training. After questioning the recruit on previous punishment experience, the marshal shows him the cane.

The young soldier admits he has already been punished in the past by his father but never with the cane so he offers his bottom for the first caning of his life and a good dose of hand spankings.


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After, Marshal takes the riding crop then begins to use it adequately on the recruit’s buttocks, anus included, making the poor soldier jump and squirm in ache. Mickey’s trial continues and now he seems to be sinking into it. Back on the table with his legs up and spread apart, his asshole is well open and exposed; and as if such a position wasn’t humiliating enough for a young soldier, his buttocks and asshole are punished with a cane and Marshal’s sound spankings.

The petty officer picks up a small whip to torment the boy’s balls for his own pleasure, enjoying the view and the reach that legs open wide allow. Then he swaps with a riding crop and continues to properly whip the recruit’s buttocks and the exposed asshole before adding a bunch of painful hand spankings. When the non-commissioned officer is tired and satisfied, he dismisses the soldier but orders him to stay there waiting for his return, and a possible second punishment.

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1 month ago

comment image

FABULOUS! Imagine if all lads was punished like this the world would be a better place.

1 month ago
Reply to  Elk

yes, if they knew that its mandatory punishment for minor misbehaving from ages 18 to 25 and broadcast in town , village squares maybe?