Spanking Army Boys: 0224 Army – Chris Catharsis

0224 Army – Chris Catharsis

Chris is a fresh recruit who has just arrived at the NCO’s premises. The NCO’s is happy to show him around, explaining the house rules, providing the uniform and the rules that come with it. And what a great idea to give him a taste of what happens when rules aren’t respected!

So, the boy is paddled severely on his ass before undergoing a heavy and sound spanking by hand while the NCO holds him and squeezes his balls.


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After his first session, Chris must remain naked and wait for next instructions: his punishment is to be continued. The recruit hands out the double leather strap to the NCO and receives a sound spanking with it, on his bare buttocks, followed by a good dose of hearty hand spankings on the butt and in the center, making the boy jump at every lash.

Later, the young recruit gets punished with a leather paddle before being spanked by hand, on both his bare buttocks and asshole, in a humiliating sequence that puts the straight boy to the test. Afterwards, the young recruit is spanked with a short two flap leather strap first and then by a good hand spanking on his already red and sore ass; despite the discomfort, he knows he needs to take it all to show how strong and brave he is. Thankfully, Chris endures well and eventually earns his uniform.

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