Copyright 2 – Martin Served : At Bottom Line

Copyright 2: Martin Served

Martin has no money when he served a lawsuit from BLS for illegal download of copyrighted videos. Diego has Martin settle the debt in a different way.


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Copyright 2: Martin Served


Title 2257


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3 days ago

While friendly frat-fledgling Fernando’s fucked fate was featuring as flogged frat-fellow in fucking-fiery frockless-fledgling-fanny-flailing for the fake faculty-trial-facilitated copyright-research, devilkin Diego’s delighted duty was dispensing those deviously, this time doubling his daily disciplinary due deserts-duties. Chairing the study group, he managed to assign to himself an atypical chapter on aberrant abuse, coming with permission to slap a fake copyright charge on selected students, starting with a superbly studly specimen of a specific ‘slimy, slivering shameless snake’ sort. Diego’s frat, where he’s dispensing demerit-doomed divested-dumbo-derriere-dermis-damning docks-down-dick-dangling discipline dutifully-dolefully daily, deeply despises those ‘domesticated deviants’ domiciled at dorms deemed darn disloyal: off-campus, outside of frat – and campus police jurisdiction, private property for paternal lease paying for ‘perversely-privileged’ premium privacy. Porn is praised as proper pleasure in peers-presence, prohibited as perversion if privately-palleted.
Diego therefore designated this deliciously-decorative ‘devil’ to slap a fake lawsuit on, spelling such a hefty fine it would wipe-out his study trust fund, hence force him to beg for frat-house-admission by being ‘post-pledged’, a particularly-painful procedure of particularly-predatory pledge-paining per post-pledging-posse: the whole of hell-week is hitting his humble-hound-hinie-hide hugely-harder, as all seniors and sometimes even ‘pre-paddles-plenitude-processed pledges’ are particularly-predatory pleased to pound their paddles pitilessly-plentifully on his perfectly-perilously-pantless-presented ‘pretentious posh preppie’-posterior, pained from pristine-puppy-pink to profoundly-pain-purple, protracted as pitiful prop for ‘public paddling procrdure practice’, every Friday unless some poor frat-boy actually deserves to be paddled through the ranks.
Only once Martin’s lease is cancelled, and snapped-up as dorm-demand is double the offer here all Autumn, he’ll learn the lawsuit is a mean mockery, but(t) his frat-pledge contract binding, at pain of expulsion from college, the one thing his father would never forgive, hence spell the woodshed-treatment till he gets enrolled elsewhere, if ever, and the small print saw his assets, not the pittance he presumed left in his pocket, but(t) the small fortune he could maximally draw from his trust fund, transferred to the frat’s special scholarship fund, actually in part at Diego’s discretion, so he can recruit penniless puerile pups praying for permission to pay permanently for privileged partaking by promptly presenting their perky posteriors pants-down at paying “puisne” peers’ pitiless pleasure, plus playing painful parts in paddling-porn-productions to pay for plenty of parties.
After his pitiless post-pledging-procedure and private screening of the -illegal- video of his foretaste over Diego’s knee one month later, Martin eagerly, gratefully signed-up for a better deal, hailing Diego -who deemed this darn-delicious devilkin double-desirable- as his big brother, hence will get dealt with for most demerits (save grades and super-serious stuff) by strict Sir, either paddled privately, or in picked-puisne-peers-presence hand-spanked over their knees, permitting privacy-privated-private-parts-perversion at their porn-style pleasures, on pellicle for the porn-productions, which provide proper privacy-protection in public-paid-propagation by AI face-faking, as the paper proves proper per privacy-law and copyright too.