SpankChicosmalos: Naughty Boys Don’t Get Presents


MERRY CHRISTMAS to everyone but our new boy Dani. He believes the Three Wise King Men will give him a brand-new video game console. In Mediterranean countries like Spain, tradition says the Three Wise King Men will bring presents to good boys. What Dani doesn’t know is that each year, one of the Three Wise King Men devotes himself to spank naughty boys. He has been a very naughty boy this year, so his smooth ass will be as red as his hair

FELIZ NAVIDAD, no tanto para nuestro nuevo chico, Dani. El cree que los Reyes Magos le traerán una videoconsola nueva. En los países Mediterráneos como España la tradición es que los tres Reyes Magos traen regalos a los chicos buenos. Dani no sabe que cada año uno de los tres Reyes Magos se dedica a castigar a los chicos malos, el se ha portado muy mal este año, por lo que su suave culito rojo quedará del color de su pelo.

圣诞快乐,但对我们的新男孩 Dani 而言,圣诞快乐。 他相信三位智者会给他带来一台新的游戏机。 在西班牙等地中海国家,传统是三位智者给好人带来礼物。 丹妮不知道,每年三贤士中有一个专门惩罚坏小子,他今年的表现非常糟糕,所以他那柔软的红屁股将成为她头发的颜色



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1 year ago

As Daniel ‘devilkin Dani’ is raised in a jurisdiction where CP is sadly outlawed even in private, neither schools nor kin can compel the cur to corrected compliant conduct by corporal correction, while a rich trust fund from his grandfather means he gets all the fees, clothes and so on a long list otherwise stipulated he ever needs plus a modest allowance, with a fortune awaiting when of age. So richly-sadly, the spoiled squirt soon realised he can afford to be lazy and naughty, and alas thus did remain an ignorant no-good parasite, definitely deserving but(t) disastrously devoid of desperately-due daily defrocked-derriere-disciplinary deserts.
Luckily, crafty kinsmen conspired to construct a cur-conduct-corrective composition, cleverly combining cute customs and the currish kid’s continuous craving for cadeaux. It started with an uncle playing one of the Magi, bringing Latino-style late Christmas presents on Epiphany to bonny boys, but(t) bringing the bad-behaved, beneath-B-graded brat a bag without presents, just a paddle to plentifully pristine-pink-to-profound-pain-purple-pound his poor pantless posterior and some soothing crème for after its ample and able application to the aptly-abundantly-agonized anal area.
As this clearly carried commendable conduct-correction, but(t) only for a few weeks, other uncles were assigned to working similar wonders as Father Christmas, Krampus, the original St. Nick (on December 6), even the Easter Bunny, each carrying or rather withholding their traditional seasonal treats and an appropriate asinine-arse-agonizing attribute, like holly -, poison ivy – and sally – birches, birch-rod or pomlazka.
After consulting a folk-law professor for inspiration and the trust fund manager for a budget reshuffle, all his elder kinsmen, school staff and male auxiliary educators weekly take turns treating him to trouserless-tail-terror or traditional treats from around the globe as due deserts, making sure his youth is like a global fairy-tale with lots of treats when he’s good and sound spankings whenever he needs a firm hand flailing the foppish frockless-fledgling-fanny, which remains rather often, as naughty knaves like him don’t behave well nearly long enough when their thrashable tail stops stinging, so his grades and attitude tend to be best on Monday, worst on Friday.