SpankChicosmalos: MATEO’s SUMMER SPANKING – PART 1


English: During the summer, not only does the sun burn.  Mateo’s butt, with his swimsuit down, is an example of this.

Spanish: Durante el verano, no solo quema el sol. El culo de Mateo, con su bañador bajado es ejemplo de esto. 

Chinese: 盛夏的时候火辣辣的除了骄阳还有马特奥的屁股 他的泳裤被脱下给揍了一顿


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1 year ago

Mateo’s elders where furious he ditched his summer job to help pay the rent as the family fears eviction, albeit only on his fortieth ‘holiday’ day (no days off), to frolic on the beach with his wealthier schoolmates, who wanted the handsome, athletic Latino along to lure ‘chicas’. Instead of turning this into a profit by letting them pay in cash, surely much more then jobs for illegal Latinos ever pay, he enjoyed their kind or treats in kind, and returned home empty-pocket.
Having let down everyone, he goes over every elder – and peer male knee, and being booted from his petty job, is ‘volunteered’ by his furious father for the fucking-feared fate his big cousin suffered as naughtiest knave last time they couldn’t raise the rent: the Silver Spoon Sigma frat pays their full rent all year if Mateo reports a whole week each holiday (Summer, Christmas, Easter) as ‘proper posterior punishment procedure perfection practice’ prop, promising pitiless plenitude of pantless paddle-poundings pain-painting the piously-perilously-presented puppy-poop progressively pristine-pink-to-pain-purple. Paddles being pledge-punishment-preference but(t) not part of the Latino tradition, papa and his peers promise the frat to prep his pup properly, practice-paddling prior to their arrival in the frat-house in a week.