Spank Jenga – Andy, Bailey & Liam (straight mates spanking)!

From Straight Lads Spanked:  Bailey, Andy and Liam are all having a lads night in! The pizza and fried chicken has been munched and the beer is flowing! They decide to play their own forfeit version of Giant Jenga! This is one game you don’t want to lose! The unlucky lad who makes the tower fall has to drop his trousers and underwear, bend over and receive some set punishment from the other two lads! The forfeit gets harder with each round with different implements being introduced. Of course this also means that the spanked lad may be able to get his revenge in a later round!

Round One – The loser gets 6 hand spanks from both his mates! At first the spanking was not too intense for the first round, however it was a big deal to get a str8 lad to spank another mates bare bottom! Not fun for the spanker of the spankee but a delight to watch!

Round Two – It all changes in round two when the leather paddle and a feeling of revenge is introduced! (this was definitely delivered with more force than the other rounds, Mr X tells me it was his favourite round to watch!)
Round Three – it all kicks off here and two guys lose! They both face the leather stranded whip! This scene definitely contains the most spanking!

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3 Responses to Spank Jenga – Andy, Bailey & Liam (straight mates spanking)!

  1. Avatar Spankedboy
    Spankedboy says:

    Yes! At last, mates spanking each other – the best! & it`s Andy & Bailey, the sexiest guys, & Liam, also cute. I used to play spank poker with my mate & his brother – they used to cheat, though, & i always got spanked! Fab!

  2. Avatar Anonymous
    Anonymous says:


  3. Hey Spankedboy

    So glad you liked Soank Jenga!

    I agree, Bailey, Andy & Liam are all pretty special!

    I think there will be more Spank Jenga and I already have some ideas to crank it up a notch!

    One idea is to have the forfeits sealed in an envelope. The loser has to select an envelope at random and read out what his punishment will be!

    Let me know if you have any forfeit suggestions! 🙂