Spanish Tutor – At Bottom Line

Spanish Tutor

The school has assigned Marc to tutor Aiden and Alex in Spanish on the weekends. Marc has his work cut out for him though as the A-named duo can barely remember even the basics. Meanwhile the supervisor of the school’s Spanish tutoring program, Diego, is not amused at the poor exam results of the student’s put under Marc’s tutelage..


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Spanish Tutor


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  1. Avatar Fastifex
    Fastifex says:

    Mark’s father couldn’t even afford the knave’s school fees and – books without a church scholarship program, let alone a tutor, so he just whips his heir in the bare, a dozen for any grade below B+, leaving the crimson-coned kid clueless now how to earn the small, yet fat-perceived tutor fee, desperately needed for the family budget, he never gets any allowance, so he just spanks for every error, considering his charges ‘spoiled silver spoon squirts’ as they just get it by hand and can ‘escape’ two whoopings each day by dropping a garment layer, while his pa always belt-flogs on the bare, welcoming any elder male to apply CP ad lib, provided it’s bare-arse: clothes are too costly to wear out, although second-hand church donation (yet fetching, credit to his natural charm).
    Alex and Aiden don’t really mind getting spanked, at home their ‘place’ is frequently OTK, counting themselves lucky to count hand-spanks rather than lashes when they really vex a better, but(t) the real worry is their grades just don’t go up with their abject arses, so they’ll probably get woodshed-flogged atrociously long and hard after presenting their report cards at home for the holidays.
    Diego knows from experience how much grades matter and how well CP can work, especially on the bare, if applied as amply as aptly to absolutely-abject adolescent arses by an able educator, and after venting his anger over average scores in his tutoring program on Mark’s meekly-mounted male mounds, decides to step in: as many weekends as it takes, he will coach Mark -and other rookie tutors- how to harshly hard-hand-handle humbly-heightened-heinies hell-hot helpfully, with Alex or Aiden in turn as designated ‘derriere-defrocked dummy’ destined for dire demonstrations of due deserts of doleful defrocked-derriere-discipline-dispensing and didactics deserving of that decisive dread-motivation.
    So it won’t be long till these nastily-naked-nates-nurtured knaves learn from brilliant native speaker Diego how to give and get long-lasting lessons, lectures and lowly-lout-lower-limbs-lacerating-lashings in fluent, flawless Spanish.
    For Mark and mates, that means making more money and meeting much-less meekly-mounted-mounds-misery, while learning to enjoy giving it gruesomely-good to sincerely-submissively-stripping spankable charges, who need longer to rejoice in continuous clothless-cones-crimson-cutting coaching correcting the curs’ course-grades, hence slowly sparing them senseless-shown spankings from standoff-supervising school staff and at home, academically-gifted Alex and athletic Aiden will even become tutors in their fortes next year.
    Diego takes true pride in his work, both the soring scores under his tutoring project and the stripped-squirt-seats-spankings he still gives all knaves at least once a month as maintenance and to ascertain appropriate abject-adolescent-arse-agony is always administered amply and ably as assigned.