See No Evil – the latest Download from Sting

“See No Evil” is the latest download from Sting, staring Sting favourites Darren and Danny together with newcomers Eddy and Danny Walsh.

In this story someone takes and drives the Geography Master’s car without permission, leaving it with a nasty dent. The school question two of the junior boys (Eddie and Danny Walsh) seeking the identity of the culprits, who will not be sitting down for a while after they are caught.

This is a brilliant Sting production, well acted, hot action and stunning looking guys. Also, “See no Evil” will dispell the myth that Danny can’t take the cane, he takes it, but he just doesn’t like, (at all!!) and you will just love his reaction to it. I highly recommend this download.

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See No Evil download

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13 years ago

this is almost overwhelmingly hot.

12 years ago

Danny delights.