School Training at Bottom Line

School Training: Quad

Detention “training” concludes with the quad of Aiden, Alex, Eric and Jackson on the receiving end of a variety of tools and the hand!


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School Training: Quad


Title 2257



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18 days ago

Headmaster was initially shocked to realize the sleezy ‘mates bunch’ recruited his only real pet preppie, but(t) considering it would be unfair to effectively deny only him social dynamics training he’ll need in frat-life at college, decided to pretend Alex wasn’t found out as traitor and simply strip and spank the smart, seriously-studious, squirt same swatting-sequence suitably-sorely-sorry scarlet-striped in standard-spanking-sessions, sharing their share of stripping-stages, smacks, strokes, sobs and screams.
In fact, Hector discretely discovered his fatherly feelings for the fucking-far-from-FFs fledgling, so also pretended not to have found out pet Alex betrayed his trust -unprecedented- on the school board papers access, in order to keep him instated, simply putting locks on crucial files cabinets. After all, every dog is allowed one bite, prime preppie puppy Alex is a very quick learner and Sir has no hope of finding anyone better, nor even half as fit, among his knavish pack of rotten rascals requiring regular rebel-rear-red-raw-ravaging, hence his thick red book and long detention lists, which any other boy was put on for maintenance (glossed ‘confidential motivation’) anyway when one hadn’t been in hard-handed highest-handler Hector’s heathenish-horde-hated humble-hound-hineys-hell for two weeks, as they assumedly always get in more trouble than all staff can spot and report for ruthless rump-roasting.
Instead, in Alex’s case, Sir decided to kill two or more birds with one stone, by commandeering him for an hour every lunchbreak to pick up secretarial duties, as a parttime staffer had to be sacked due to bloody budget cuts. His new mates will plentifully pity him for missing out rare playtime after dinner, endless-seeming boring paperwork and presumably plenty of pitiless pantless-posterior-pounding, as no other knave ever handed Sir any paper without wailing well-whooped bent-over bare-balls to be brat-bottom-butt-beaten either as it’s a referral for headmaster’s CP, or having strict Sir find some flaw in their work, worthy of wanton-whipping without a doubt in either‘s mind.
Alex however does it all better and faster than the staffer ever managed, so never deserves the lash, yet took advice from a new jock mate’s senior mentor, who as team captain reporting never failed after a good match, realizing strict, systematically stud-ogling Sir was sad and vindictive -towards the whole team- without opportunity for an obediently-offered-orbs-ordeal, to ‘confess’ (or fake) some flaw, begging to be bared and beaten for it ‘to better his bloody brat-behaviour’, which soon turned into a gentleman’s agreement: he standard-strips for spanking, Sir swats surprisingly softly and savours sensing the submissive studly squirt ‘secretly’ sharing a seminal-swelling-sensation. Thus Alex now standard fakes an obviously-intentional stupid error on some short sheet, supposedly sufficient to suffer a softie-spanking (before handing in the correct one, prepared in advance) and enjoys ensuing private ‘punitive’ mentoring, still all-on-ankles OTK, fondled far ‘firmer’ than fanny-‘flailed’, with actual advice rather than pro forma-sermons simply spelling more severe spankings, as the others hardly ever manage to take Sir’s cue, so they think him way worse off then their derriere-dooming detentions, while he’s the only one with a fine father-figure and formidable friend, far from fucked, fated for fantastic -fairly fair- favours, like a prestigious exchange program and Ivy League recommendation, he thinks secretly of strict Sir as a sugar-uncle, albeit the gifts are granted to his whole class, and like his wise family patriarch, only earned and exclusive.
Paradoxically, in the rare cases Alex will join mates in detention, like now, for some actual flaw or on a teacher’s pretext (which Hector will check on afterward, but senior Sir never fails to spank the knaves first, so as to maintain staff authority by true teen-tails-torment-terror), strict Sir pulls all the stops to lustfully lay on the lashes lustily-liberally and let lots of lava-livid licks land on lined-up lewd lads’ lowlife-lower-halves, learning life-lessons lasting lots-less, except excellent exceptions at eerily-exposed endurances like Alex, who is actually held to the exhaustive excellent example-duty of a headboy, hence all posterior-punishment tariffs are doubled with lots of extras whenever he’s in line, only the OTK sessions afterwards being restricted to his rebel-rear, the remaining rascals receiving red-raw-rump-ravaging roastings right-matching in line, a current but non-constant practice, officially as Sir is rarely sure who are the instigators, in fact whenever in line he spots a super-sexy squirt or such a rare spanker-treat as almost-angelic Alex’s adorable all-AAs-arse actually available for abundant assorted-attributes-agony.
Furthermore, in case of collective punishment -a qualification at headmaster’s discretion- the innocent headboy may just as such be added to the line, supposedly to motivate him to give ‘better guidance’, and Hector decides to do so at least twice a month, and every class at least once per term, even Alex’s own honours class.