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Spankables by Dr van Spanking

A selection of cheeky bottoms, selected by Dr van Spanking


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A selection of naughty grown up boys from Bruce

Theo James in another of his multiple bare bottom nude scenes in “The Time Traveller’s Wife”


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6 Responses to Saturday Spankables

  1. Some super contributions from Bruce! I fear I may need a little ‘private time’!

    I wonder if anyone has noticed something about the picture I sent of the German boys’ swimming-team? If you look closely you’ll see that one or two of the lads seem to be wearing a pair of underpants under their swimming-briefs – something I’ve always considered particularly pointless. And something I would not permit myself if I were the swimming-team’s coach. I occasionally spank my naughty boys over their swimming-trunks and there’s absolutely no way I’d allow them to wear their pants under them during their punishment! My word! I just don’t know what boys are coming to…I reckon the lack of spankings laid on with a good firm hand in these lax and decadent days has a lot to do with it!

    • Wow! you have to be really eagled eyed, to spot that, but I guess it is your specialist subject!!!

    • Avatar Water Polo Jack
      Water Polo Jack says:

      It’s a second speedo. This is very common for water polo players as things get rough under the water and the first pair might get torn or pulled in a revealing way.

      • Thanks very much for that, Jack – that’s interesting and I really didn’t know about it. It’s only that I have known boys wear their underpants under their swimming-briefs and I can never see why. However, in this case, it sounds like a sensible precaution!

        • Avatar Water Polo Jack
          Water Polo Jack says:

          You’d be surprised at the things that get punched, kicked, tugged, pulled, and grabbed under the water. Let’s just say that a lot of young men who play water polo probably ought to have their speedos taken down and their butts whipped — hard!