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Spankables by Dr van Spanking

Another great selection from Dr van Spanking including a few of his trademark fit and spankable young divers and swimmers


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Tom Daley having a massage in very jazzy swimming-briefs – I hope that masseur realises what a lucky, lucky man he is!

Bringing up the rear a contribution from Bruce


NOTE: the Saturday Spankables are images taken from the public domain and are posted here for the enjoyment of those who appreciate the male form. Jockspank gain no financial benefit from these images, if you have any concerns or comments regarding any image, please let us know, using the CONTACT US field in the left hand column

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Dr van Spanking
1 year ago

WHATa hot selection from Bruce this morning!

Just a few words about the uberspankable young Jack Laugher, beloved member of the British Olympic diving lads’ team. Incidentally, I know his surname is pronounced ‘Law’, but I much prefer to say ‘Laugh-er’, pronounced in the northern way (as I live in the North of England) – ‘Laffer’! Go on – say it out loud, ‘Jack Laffer’ and see the difference in the vibes you get from when you say that, rather than ‘Jack Law’!

This boy has a great liking for being photographed in his underpants, as numerous pics to be found on the internet will show; many displaying his luscious rear-view – his carved-by-the-gods bottom, his deliciously whippable back and his smackable legs! Whatever pants he’s wearing, be they boxers or briefs, coloured underpants or boner-killing white underpants,* he always wears them very spankably!

And concerning his underpants, he always wears what is clearly his regular size, which I’m guessing to be medium, his height and build being what they are. However, when it comes to his swimming-pants, he always wears a size smaller than his regular waist-size – this is very obvious from the above delightful little gif! He reckons that having a briefer pair of swimming-briefs on makes him more aerodynamic. Not knowing much about the physics of the wearing of swimming-trunks, I wouldn’t be able to say if the briefer briefs actually did this or not – though I find it rather an odd idea, especially when it doesn’t appear to be shared by his fellow diving-boys. But whether indeed his aim of improved aerodynamics through briefer speedos is achieved, there’s no doubt whatever that they make him look considerably more spankable!

I once read that young Tom Daley, Jack’s handsome fellow diving-lad, was mildly into getting his bottom smacked, and this was stated by someone who very definitely was in a position to have inside information. I’m actually wondering if there is anyone out there who knows if Jack has any history of being spanked, as a ‘thing’ for underpants (which he definitely appears to have) and an interest in spanking and being spanked often go together – look no further than me!!!

* Jack indulges in this offence from time to time (see below), and it is one for which I’m afraid I think that, even at 27, he is still young enough to be laid over my knee and spanked on his cheeky bum with my hardest punishment slipper, till he can’t sit down!! Having, of course, made him change into a pair of coloured underpants (preferably coloured briefs) to make the point about why he is getting his bottom smacked!!