Reluctant Young Men – Trey Spanked (Part 1)

A recent update at Reluctant Young Men: Trey is 19 years old, gay, shy and cute as hell, and afraid of spankings, but we were able to talk him into a spanking in spite of the fact that he  hates being hit.  He was so cute when he nervously went over Rich’s  knees, saying he felt ridiculous and degraded.  Rich spanked him by  hand, then with a hairbrush, ending with a rapid, non stop, beating with  the brush on his bare butt.  Trey kicked his legs, gasped, moaned, panted and squirmed as Rich relentlessly attacked his cute bottom.



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5 Responses to Reluctant Young Men – Trey Spanked (Part 1)

  1. Trey –he might have protested in regard to the spanking but in the end he takes it well and his hide is Roasted & Tanned well Considering he was said to be afraid of Spanking he seems to handle it well Could it be that he likes what he received if that’s the case perhaps a a repeat performance might be necessary one that should include the leather strap in addition it would require him to Strip Naked .We then really find out if is afraid or this just act he puts on

  2. Trey pretends to be straight in a number of videos over at Broke Straight Boys, but he enjoys himself just a little too much to be convincing. Maybe Rich should give him another hard bare bottom spanking for fibbing. (Please!)

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      Anonymous says:

      I agree a good Bare ass whipping should be in his future .I would use a leather strap and give it to him sp he knows what it is like and the fact that all of this is a serious matter

  3. I would think thatvTrey was just a little two casual think a repeat performance in regard to Bare Ass Spanking should be in his future However I would change the climate a little so that this repeat performance would be a little different from the first time .One of changes would be that wouldn’t be any OTK sessions He would need to either lay it out on a couch Or Bed and or bend it over a chair.Then he would get a good taste of either a Leather Strap or The Paddle .In addition he would be required to Strip from the beginning -So all Clothes would be removed from the beginning .Then we will be able to gauge his reaction and Guantee his Casual attitude would be no more .In addition we see if he still enjoys getting Spanked

  4. in both part 1and 2 Trey gets his HotbHiney spanked well However in part 1 he appears to have to much in regard tonclothes on .What needs to be stressed is that all Spankings are Bare Ass so there is no need for clothes they just get in the way All Spankee need to know that all clothes need to be removed before they assume the position .For some this might be uncomfortable as the jockey shorts although they give littlevprotection .For some having them still on give them the since of security and for some the hope that they can stay on THIS OF COURSE IS FALSE HOPE