Can anyone provide any information about this image?.  I believe it was one of the “Spare the Rod” series, but I am not sure what studio it comes from or whether the videos are still available. 

If anyone knows can they please leave details in the Comments section of this post.  You can comment anonymously if you prefer.

Thanks for your help

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  1. You are correct this is from one of the Spare The Rod DVD’s. This scene involves a wayward youth being spanked by a devout priest. One of my favorite themes. Hee Hee Hee. They were produced by Jet Set Productions and you can still buy the first two DVD’s in this series. I believe there was a third but can’t find it so I could be mistaken. They can be purchased at TLA Video or Jet Set Men

  2. The video/DVD is Spare the Rod 3: You Can’t Make Me Cry from Jet Set Studio – don’t know if it’s currently available – TLA lists the 3 DVDs – #1 is available, including streaming, #2 is “on order”, and #3 is “currently unavailable. Check out Spare the Rod 3: You Can’t Make Me Cry at

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  4. Hi TED and BubbleButtLuvr

    Thanks to both of you for your help in tracking this down.


  5. Surely this scene is taken from a video made by the HotBottoms group showing a painful priestly encounter with a boy (and some other boys) following an embarrasing confession. It is about twenty years old, or more, but the stills from it are still viable.
    From The Retired Headmaster

    • Dear Sir, I am a bad, naughty boy and wish to meet such a priest to punish me severely.
      You are a retired Headmaster Sir, perhaps I might visit your study Sir, instead.
      shortpants Sir.

  6. This is Spare the Rod 3. The priest is Troy Steele. This is from Jet Set Productions. Currently not available. There are two excerpts of the Troy Steele parts on various sites. Just Google “gay priest spanks students” and search.(Gay net, Boy Tube, Gay net eu. and you can find them. TLA and Excalibur studios show spare the rod 3 but it currently unavailable, altho Spare the Rod, Spare the rod 2 are available. Troy Steele appears as a priest in Spare the Rod 2. No sex, just spanking.

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    Anonymous says:

    Spare the Rod 3. This scene was in my living room in Santa Barbara in March or April of 1995. Edward James with the director. I still have that piano!

    Rick Mathews
    Santa Barbara Paddle Company