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Welcome back, Jockspank!

Rugby boys getting their required sports physical . . .

“Now, are YOU gonna give me a hard time about the prostate exam like your mates did?”

After conquering his prey with a good spanking, the brute carries him back to his lair . . .

Frat pledge getting a check-up call from his parents.

“Yeah ma, the frat’s great so far . . . No, there’s no hazing or nothing . . . The campus outlawed all that . . . Where’d you get an idea like that anyway, ma?”

“Make sure you shave nice and smooth now . . . little boys who still get spanked DON’T have underarm hair!”

The last time these two try and take a shortcut down “Spanker’s Alley”!

Young entrepreneur putting his ASSetts to good use . . .

“Dollar a swat!”

Spanked by the Coast Guard . . . They’ll stay in the proper sea lanes from now on.

This cowboy is still feeling a little “saddle sore” from his punishment.

One more boy learns the time-honored father’s rule: “You’re Never Too Old For A Spanking”

” . . . Think Coach is having a bad day?”

“What was your first clue!”

This contractor will definitely get it the right color now . . .

“Match it to THIS red EXACTLY!”
Why it’s never a good idea to tell your friends when your birthday is . . .

“Who wants to give ‘im his one to grow on!”

Even professional athletes still get spanked by their coaches.

Ever since the bar started advertising their new rule to the local frats, they’d been getting loads more business. “Show a red butt, get a free beer”

This fella got spanked this morning for wearing shorts under his kilt . . . As you can see, he’s not making that mistake anymore.

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14 years ago

Welcome to you SoupGoblin. Thanks for posting

14 years ago


Mister Wolfe
Mister Wolfe
14 years ago

Those are a lot of fun